BLINKING BEACONS provides an onverview of light-
house beacons from all over the world. Lighthouse
beacons vary in colour, range and frequency of blinking.
Different blinking sequences and random arrange-
ments constantly create a new image of lighthouse
beacons from all over the world.

The size of a circle is defined by the luminous range of
a beacon. You can set the luminous range for all beacons
to be the same.

Beacons are set to blink in their genuine colours red,
green, yellow, white and blue. To give a feeling of beacons lighting up the dark, switch the colour to yellow or let the beacons glow additionally.

After styling the beacons to your preference, you can print
your snapshot either as an A3 or A1 poster.
Project by Rahel Tonini, BA in visual communication at HGK Basel 2021
Special thanks to the people behind and Oscar Meier and Elias Tonini for their technical support.